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According To Plan: The Elites' Secret Plan to Sabotage America

According To Plan: The Elites' Secret Plan to Sabotage America

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Not long ago, America was a very different country.

Freedoms were protected, streets were safe, families were whole, and the future looked bright. Schools delivered a quality education, Made in America meant something, and people came to our country - legally. Gas was cheap, jobs plentiful, and our government wasn’t bankrupt. In those days, too, America came first, unity and faith were honored, patriotism was a virtue, and the police were funded.

Today, however, so much is going wrong. Some say it’s because our leaders are incompetent. Others think it’s merely a coincidence. But to many concerned Americans, those explanations just don’t ring true.

Kevin Freeman is one of them. Drawing on his deep expertise in investigative analysis, he took a hard look at all that America is going through. And what he discovered will shock you.

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