What Others are Saying!


“Kevin Freeman is an intense thinker with real insight. According to Plan is written to awaken your understanding regarding the very real enemies of America.”

 —Ben Shapiro
Founding Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Wire and host of The Ben Shapiro Show


“The truth fears no enemies, and Kevin Freeman, one of the preeminent economists of modern times, has once again captured the essence of the most consequential period in US history. We face a takeover by a global elite who seek to destroy America from the inside out. If we the people are not aware of the evidence staring us down on a daily basis, we will fall prey because of this lack of awareness. Kevin offers ideas and identifies solutions to many of the challenges we face. This is a must read for every freedom-loving person on the planet.”

 —Michael T. Flynn
Honorable LTG, USA (R) 


"A magnificent work; thorough, impressive, robust, not to mention, eminently readable. Freeman has the brain the size of a small planet, and it shows. His groundbreaking analysis of the state of our country is a must-read and should be on the bookshelves of every home, classroom, and library."

 —Nick Adams
Best-selling author and CEO of FLAG


“Kevin Freeman’s great new book, According to Plan, reveals plainly the truth of what is happening to America. It’s not accidental. It is the result of a well-funded Marxist agenda, and its adherents are not found only in Beijing, Havana, or even Moscow. Many are in positions of power in Washington, DC. According to Plan clearly explains the battle, names our attackers, and provides a plan for Liberty to triumph. Now it is up to us, and those we know, to act. After reading this excellent work you will want to buy and share more of them.”

 —Bob McEwen
US House of Representatives Fmr. Member, Ohio


“Kevin Freeman is a dear friend and a true Patriot. He has dedicated his career to defending American Liberty. His new book, According to Plan, provides clear-eyed warnings regarding both foreign and domestic enemies and how we must counter them. I strongly recommend this book.”

 —Glenn P. Story
Founder & CEO, Patriot Mobile


“Use this book to wake up your friends! It’s a ‘red pill’ of reality, explaining the challenge and opportunities we face. But time is short. The enemies of America are working hard to destroy the Liberty we now enjoy. This book has the action-plan solution. A must read and must share.”

 —Nick Vujicic
Evangelist, Influencer & Entrepreneur


“Kevin Freeman’s According to Plan lights up the dark and hidden agenda with a beacon of truth. He reveals the plan from foreign and domestic enemies designed to take down America. Better still, he outlines a counter-effort that can make a real difference. I heartily recommend this book to every Patriot.”

 —Jim DeMint
Former U.S. Senator


“For over ten years, I have heard Kevin Freeman sounding the alarm about the total warfare strategy of the Red Chinese.  Now, he appears prophetic.  According to Plan is a MUST read for all patriots.  It will open the eyes of some readers while connecting the dots for others who have a deeper understanding already.  Learn the who, how and why, behind what we are experiencing and more importantly learn what we can do to fight back.”

 —Pastor Paul Blair
Liberty Pastors Network


“For more than a decade, Kevin Freeman has been at the forefront of understanding regarding economic warfare and the nefarious plot to take down America. His new book, According to Plan, names names and provides solid evidence that can’t be ignored. Learn how we must fight to keep our nation free with his Action Plan. Time is short. This is our battle cry!”

 —Michele Bachmann
Former Member of Congress, Dean and Professor, Robertson School of Government


“I have watched Kevin’s relentless pursuit of the truth. This hard-hitting book is the result of much deep research. Easy to read, he is not afraid to name names and document their activities. He uses the word ‘Pigs’ in the sense of Orwell’s Animal Farm where the pigs on the farm take over in the name of the animals, but in truth, their plan is to control. We Americans must read this book and respond before we lose our nation. I am honored to be able to recommend this great read to you.”

 —Ken Eldred
Author, The Integrated Life


“I’ve been harping on one fact for many years—America is in a moral and spiritual downward spiral. Furthermore, I’ve also been telling whoever would listen that there is a master plan to drive us even deeper into the abyss. I tend to think about things from a spiritual point of view, so I trace our decay to the liar of all liars, Satan himself.  However, he does not work alone. He has his minions that do his bidding. For that reason, I have made it my practice to be constantly vigilant so that I am not sucked under by the rising tide. Regardless of what everyone else is doing, I make sure that I keep my eyes on the prize—Nature’s God. It’s a good thing to find out that there are others like Kevin who are also sounding the alarm.” 

 —Phil Robertson, “Duck Dynasty”


“This is a book to share with naive friends. If we don’t awaken from the coma of complacency, we will slip into the nightmare of tyranny. This book has our action-plan solution. Buy one for yourself and five more as gifts.”

 —Kevin Sorbo
Actor, Director, Producer, Author


“Many people see what is happening across America as insanity. It is not. Kevin Freeman lays out the clear case that the current attack is an intentional one against the very foundations that make America great. According to Plan provides the solution and answers the question of every American: ‘What can we do?’”

 —Kelly Shackelford
President/CEO, First Liberty Institute


“Kevin Freeman once again offers us a ‘red pill’ of reality. We must awaken now from the slumbers of complacency, or we will find ourselves under the boot of despotism. This book must be read and must be shared.”  

 —Dr. Everett Piper
University President Emeritus, Washington Times Columnist, Author and Speaker 


“My friend Kevin Freeman has nailed it with truth. There are real enemies of America, both foreign and domestic. They have acted ‘according to plan.’ It’s not incompetence at work, it’s deliberate. Read this book to uncover the plan and learn how we must combat it.”

 —The Honorable Kenneth Blackwell
Former Treasurer of State of Ohio


“The Left is going to come unhinged when According To Plan sweeps the nation.”

—Jake Hoffman
Arizona House of Representatives


“Author Kevin Freeman is an expert guide to share with you the challenges we face from a faceless elite bent on the destruction of America. He captures the gravity of the situation in his new book, According to Plan. If you don't read it, you, your family and your finances will be helpless against the coming onslaught. Knowledge of their plans is your best defense and protection.” 

 —Floyd Brown
Founder of The Western Journal


“My military service to the United States of America began on 31 July 1982 when I took an oath to support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign, and domestic. I deployed to several combat zones for the former, and now I honor my oath against the latter. My fellow Texan and friend, Kevin Freeman, has written this timely book articulating the strategy of the progressive socialist globalist Marxists, foreign and domestic, to subvert and undermine America. This is certainly a timely read as we must be well aware of who this ideological enemy is along with their objectives, methods, tactics, and means to their deadly ends.”

 —Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West (US Army, Retired)
Member, 112th US Congress, Former Chairman, Republican Party of Texas


“Kevin Freeman is a great student of history and has done excellent research into the root causes of the problems we face. Far from theory, the book documents proven facts. Enemies of the United States, both foreign and domestic, have targeted our nation. Learn who, how, why, and what we must do to stop them. Then tell others or buy them copies!”

 —Sam Sorbo
Author, Podcast Host, Writer, Producer and Actor


“I’ve known Kevin Freeman for a while and respect his research and leadership on a variety of issues important for our nation’s future. Kevin was and is way ahead of his time. He saw what was coming well before the so-called ‘experts’ even knew the threat existed. It is important that we read According to Plan to learn how to combat the enemy efforts with a plan of our own. In fact, let me be straightforward: Read anything Kevin writes and listen to anything he says.”

 —Dr. Jim Garlow
CEO, Well Versed


“To uncover the hostile and intricate plans of tyrants requires close attention for years.  Kevin Freeman spent those years, and now he shows us what he has learned in this clear, readable, and frightening book.  Better to be frightened while time remains than overwhelmed when it is too late.”

 —Dr. Larry Arnn
President, Hillsdale College


“Kevin Freeman just comes out and says the quiet part out loud. It is not really a mystery, but it is hard for Judeo-Christian Americans to fathom how Dictators and Tyrants can do evil in plain sight and seemingly get away with it. What is it? It is called Communism. As you all know, for starters, Karl Marx and all Communist leaders reject God, Ethics, Philosophy, Morality, Family and the Constitution. Worse yet, they have put their game plan on paper, but still, no one can believe it. Just Google ‘Unrestricted Warfare’ 1999 and see for yourself. Freeman lays out all the goods and connects enough dots for any sane believer in goodness and logic to conclude not only that awful things are happening in the world right now, but that they are intentional. They are all part of a plan. It takes courage to lay it all out. Freeman says the quiet part out loud. Give it a read.”

 —Dave Brat
Former Congressman, M.Div. Princeton Seminary, PH.D. Economics American U.


According to Plan is a must-read as the tsunami of elitism floods the shores of America and far beyond.  Kevin Freeman is a master of clear-eyed threat analysis, helping us see behind the veil of mainstream media subterfuge.  As a national security professional for over 30 years, I greatly respect this author and this work, an invaluable guide to navigating the world of ‘Pigs.’”

 —Major General Bob Dees, U.S. Army, Retired
CEO, National Center for Healthy Veterans


According to Plan is a wake-up call for all people who believe God gave us ‘free will’ as an essential part of life. Never has there been a more critical time in history to utilize the power of the U. S. Constitution that our founding fathers gave to ‘We the People,’ with all of the mechanisms to protect our God-given rights. Everything we have built and defended for nearly 250 years is under attack and will end if we do not understand what is going on. This book paints the true picture of what is happening around us. For years, we in America have been asleep to the dangerous attacks of evil designed to slowly and insidiously destroy God’s gift of free will. We must be willing to defend our freedoms. This book helps us fight wisely and effectively by educating every American to see and understand our enemy’s plan.”

 —Steve Kwast
Lieutenant General (Ret) USAF


“Kevin Freeman takes a look at history, considers the theoretical, then applies both as a lens for today’s events. The result? An expert analysis intricately detailing high-level plans to destroy our nation. You will learn to recognize the global elites’ mindset and their plans in action. According to Plan is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the battle at hand and how we can win it.”

 —Dave Kubal
President, Intercessors for America


“Kevin Freeman is like E.F. Hutton: People listen because he has one of the most incisive and creative minds in America. Look no further than his clarity that Biden’s wrecking operation across our country is being done According to Plan.”

 —Frank J. Gaffney
Executive Chairman, Center for Security Policy


“Well, Kevin did it again! This book is a must-read. Not only does he accurately identify the problem—including naming names—but (unlike many books out there) he provides an action plan that could solve the problem, if we would simply step up and engage.  As I constantly tell many folks, Kevin Freeman knows stuff and, thankfully, he shares much of it in this incredible book. Read it!”

 —Art Ally
President, Timothy Plan Family of Biblically-based Mutual Funds


“What's the difference between a conspiracy theory and a fact? About six months. In truth, the difference between theory and fact is evidence. According To Plan provides evidence that answers a burning question: Is America's rapid destruction on so many fronts the byproduct of ideological madness, incompetence, or worse yet—a plan? Kevin Freeman organizes the facts and makes the case that America is experiencing a hostile takeover. Having worked in government, Kevin understands the games they play and how government runs psychological operations (Psy-Ops) to manipulate the masses through media disinformation. This book is the antidote. Will America survive? Yes—if the people are informed. Books like this can create a populist backlash. They have a plan, and we have a plan. Read According To Plan to be part of this backlash.”

 —Dr. Lance Wallnau
CEO Lance Learning Group


“Kevin Freeman brilliantly documents how, far from ‘incompetent,’ the Left’s well-fueled engine is methodically demoralizing human lives, cultures, and nations. Why? Our weakness gives their funders more global power. Freeman then teaches true Americans how to stand strong in the face of enemies, foreign and domestic. Because of love.”

 —Kelly M. Kullberg
Editor and co-author of award-winning, Finding God at Harvard: Spiritual Journeys of Thinking Christians, Advisor for AmericanEvangelicals.org (AAE)